To empower the nation by widening access to higher education.


To be a leading Higher Education Provider, offering qualifications aligned with the needs of societies, students, and the world of work.


STADIO stands firmly grounded on the values of integrity, quality and openness … this is our lodestar in all that we promise, undertake, and present.

STADIO is committed to facilitating access to higher education with a quality teaching and learning ethos that prioritises student success. However, as we embrace a trajectory of excellence, STADIO does not claim ‘to be the best’ or ‘to have all the answers’: humility is both integral and causative to our sustained success.

STADIO is cognisant of the shifting higher education landscape and the concomitant need for resilience amongst its leadership, management and staff as it strives to achieve its promise.

STADIO promotes a positive organisational culture undergirded by the ideals of respect, inclusivity, diversity, transformation, and – most critically – individual and collective diligence and commitment to the STADIO vision, mission, values and goals.

STADIO does not challenge itself with overnight success but has planned for a steady and responsible operation that will safeguard the best interests of the STADIO community (staff, students and all STADIO stakeholders) and the broader society. Equally – and steadfast in its promise to ensure attractive and fair shareholder returns – STADIO does not approve an approach fashioned by greed and irresponsible, artificial growth.

STADIO acknowledges the imperative of informed stakeholder participation and engagement. The values of simplicity, clarity, credibility and honesty therefore underpin its stakeholder interactions. STADIO’s conduct is epitomised by openness and total transparency – false promises and half-truths are an anathema to the STADIO ethos.

These are the values lived by the leadership, espoused by all employees, and which we seek to instill in our students.