STADIO Holdings is an investment company in Private Higher Education, supporting three prestigious institutions which collectively offer over 90 accredited programmes, from Higher Certificates to Masters Degrees and Doctorates, through Contact, Distance and Blended Learning, to over 30 000 students.

We aim to widen access to post-school learning opportunities for Southern African school-leavers and adults, as we believe in the power of education to transform our nation.

We create value through the growth and development of our existing institutions through new programme development in Contact, Distance and Blended modes of learning, exploring geographic expansion through greenfield developments, and the establishment of one comprehensive STADIO Holdings offering, which will allow stakeholders to benefit from the marketing, operational, and regulatory advantages of migrating to a single higher education provider, STADIO.

Our vision is to be a leading Higher Education provider, accommodating 100 000 students over time.

STADIO Holdings Response to COVID-19:
Please note that each of our institutions listed below has put in place a comprehensive plan for their institution’s staff and students. These notices are available on each website. These plans were approved by the Executive Committee of STADIO Holdings.